Super Mario Play Time Album
Super Mario Play Time Album

1 Album Super Mario Playtime Stickers

Introducing Panini’s first ever Super Mario Sticker collection! Featuring images from four of the best-loved and well-known Super Mario Video Games! Meet Mario, his friends…and also his enemies! Have fun collecting the stickers and doing the different activities you’ll find in this brand new sticker collection! LOOK OUT FOR RARE VARIANTS OF WHITE FRAME STICKERS! There are 64 white frame stickers in the collection, and in some lucky packets they can be found in a cool parallel variant. The parallel stickers carry exactly the same number and image as the regular versions, so they’re not needed to complete the collection, but they can still be stuck in the album: it’s up to you to decide which variant of the sticker you want to stick on the pages. However, only the regular white frame version of the stickers can be requested to Panini’s Missing Sticker Service. Every time you see a sticker number surrounded by a dotted line; it means that sticker comes in variants. You decide which one to stick! REGULAR WHITE FRAME STICKERS, ONE IN EACH PACKET RED FRAME VARIANT, ONE IN 10 PACKETS on average GOLD FRAME VARIANT, ONE IN 20 PACKETS on average

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