Stranger Things Stickers Box
Stranger Things Stickers Box

36 Stranger Things Packets

Since 2016, Stranger Things has thrilled its fans with 4 high-flying seasons. This first collection brings together the best moments since the beginning of the series and the appearance of emblematic characters such as Eleven, Mike and all their friends.

Stranger Things is also characterized by a portion of humor and lovable characters whose gang you would most like to join yourself. If you’ve (like us) sucked in Season 4 in a short amount of time, you’re probably in the Stranger Things mood right now. If you’re wondering what the heck you should do now until the release of the final season 5, we’ve got something for you!

Panini bring you a cool sticker collection with a total of 168 stickers including 24 special ones. Relive the scariest, most spectacular and funniest moments from the released seasons of Elfie, Mike, Dustin, Steve and Co.!

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