Panini FIFA 365 Adrenalyn XL™ 2024 Premium Gold
Panini FIFA 365 Adrenalyn XL™ 2024 Premium Gold

Pencil Tin Contains:

1 Pencil Tin

1 Premium Packet (6 Regular Cards, 3 Special Cards, 1 Limited Edition)

1 Premium Gold Packet (1 Premium Packet, 3 EXCLUSIVE Premium Gold Limited Edition Cards and 1 Limited Edition Online Game Card)

It’s here! The moment every collector has been waiting for, bringing you the best of international football without fail, every single year. At last, it’s time for the 2024 edition of PANINI FIFA 365 ADRENALYN XL™, packed with spectacular cards just as you’d expect.

Let’s begin with a few surprises. The TEAM MATES still sit at the heart of the collection, but now there are 12 for each club, making a total of 240 cards – the largest base set we’ve ever offered to build the backbone of your squad. Across the two pages dedicated to each team, you’ll see two new categories: DOUBLE TROUBLES are special cards that prove unity is strength, while the HOMEGROWNS are exactly that – players who have come up through the ranks at their clubs. Plus, as an extra treat, this year sees the return of the TIME MACHINES, featuring those players whose presence on the pitch is just vital now as it was when they first burst on to the scene 10 or more years ago.

Of course, there are also all our classic cards. If you’re looking for the players whose names are always sung by the crowd, check out the FANS’ FAVOURITES and CAPTAINS. For the emblem that represents pride for every club, find the CLUB BADGES. But to take your squad up a notch, you’ll also need some next-level cards. Start with TITANS, MAGICIANS and DOMINATORS, featuring sick effects and incredible colours, as well as high game values. Pick from the world’s toughest goalies with TOP KEEPERS, the most promising fresh talent in RISING STARS, and watch out for a surprise when you place the three GIANTS in your binder! Finally, we come to the MVPs of the collection: the TOP MASTERS, which once again feature the players’ autographs, the ultra-powerful INVINCIBLE, and the valuable MOMENTUM. These cards are so rare, half the fun is the challenge of tracking them down!

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