Panini Stickers in Malta


Official Panini Distributor for the Maltese islands since 1970

Towards the end of 1969, at the very young age of 17, Dominic Anastasi had already shown a great passion for football and had an innate interest in business. He began importing football related merchandise, and then heard about the Figurine Panini through the help of an elderly friend. During a conversation with this friend, he told Dominic about a friend of his who works in a factory supporting the AC Milan Italian team, and who was such a great fan that he painted his locker blue and black for his favourite team. Dominic corrected his friend saying that those colours actually represent Inter and not Milan. The day after this groundbreaking conversation the friend brought over a card of Facchetti, who used to play with Inter. On the back of this card there was “Edizioni Panini Modena” written, and he was encouraged to contact Panini to import their stickers. Within a week Dominic received a reply from them with a sample of stock and their prices, this letter was signed by the late export manager Renato Mazzola. The very first collection brought to Malta was Calciatori 1969/70, and later that year the World renowned World Cup Mexico of 1970 was brought to our little island. As they say, the rest is History.
The essence of what our shop means was captured perfectly by local artist Salvu Mallia in his work of art produced for our 25th year anniversary.

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